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Make Your Dry Cleaning Experience Even Easier

Download iDryClean Pro from the App Store or Google Play Store today!

Take advantage of our brand-new custom APP! Idryclean Pro is located in the Android Play store and Apple Store. The APP is free to all of our customers to use.
Amazing Features
• Customers can track their orders
• Customers can now Pay for their Orders right from their phone
• Customers can store a credit card on file for future use
• Specials and Promotions
• Schedule a Pickup or Delivery
• Full Ticket Recall
• List their Order History
• Users can pay and use the On My Way feature that sends a message to the store letting you know that they are coming to pickup their order(s)
• Social Media Referrals from your customers to their family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Customers will receive financial rewards with each referral

Here’s how to get started

Step 1
Search “iDryClean Pro” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store then download the app. If using an iPhone, please do not select the Touch ID or Face Recognition options.

Step 2
New Customers Choose “New Customer”. Existing customers choose “Existing Customer” and enter your name, phone number, & email address you have on file with us. Customers must have email on file with us to register.

Step 3
Start using the app to schedule your dry cleaning services with Washington Cleaners! If you have any questions about the app please contact Hunter King.